Aruba Wireless Networks Technology

Aruba Networks securely delivers networks to users, whenever they work or roam. Our unified mobility solutions integrate high performance 802.11a/b/g/n self-optimizing wireless LANs with identity based security, wireless intrusion and remote access solutions that are simple to manage and easy to implement. Aruba is a world leader in secure enterprise mobility delivering the Follow-Me Enterprise.

New Technologies

CellCone Accounting Software.
CellCone's accounting packages are much more than just accounting software. They are business tools designed to optimize and automate key operational aspects of business for which it is suitable. CellCone wants to be your partner in helping you build a better business. CellCone has an ongoing design brief to provide bulletproof software that moves information through your business to help you manage people, money and processes. CellCone software enables events in one part of your business to trigger actions elsewhere.

Key Features of CellCone Accounting Software.

  • Unlimited multi-user capacity
  • Role Based SecurityFast and easy to use
  • Bulletproof reliability
  • Windows based, Compatible with most PCs in use today
  • Regular updates
  • Unbeatable local support

Build a Better Business with CellCone Accounting Software .

CellCone Accounting software is more than just a first rate accounting package, it is also a powerful business management tool. The software is packed with features that could generate savings and improve profits throughout your business.
This section identifies how CellCone Accounting may be applied to key operational areas and how it may lift overall company performance and results.

Lower System Costs.
The first saving that CellCone Accounting could bring to your business is, a lower total cost of software ownership, i.e. lower cost of PC hardware, networks, installation, training, operation and ongoing support.

CellCone's efficient design means that you can probably use most of your existing PC's and hardware, and any new PC's do not need as much capacity. Intuitive, user-friendly software lowers the up-front cost of training and enhances day- to-day productivity. This saves you money and reduces your operators' stress level. A Dataquest survey covering over 20 different accounting packages voted Business Partner Number One for ease of implementation.

Better Customer and Supplier Management.
Underlying any business is a the need for an up-to-date contact database and you can use CellCone Accounting very effectively for this purpose. The database contains customer and supplier details, making it an ideal enterprise-wide management tool. You can use the additional notes and comment fields for a range of critical information. CellCone Accounting's multi-user capability allows an unlimited number of users, simultaneous access to contact information, so your business always uses the most current information. Password protection prohibits unauthorized access. Follow up customers who have not purchased recently to see if their needs have changed and how you can best service them. Use sales analysis figures to test marketing campaigns and special promotions. Import and export data from CellCone Accounting into other business applications using powerful data transfer features. Use credit limits and 'in dispute' flags to warn you of issues when orders are placed with your business. This prevents you shipping unauthorized orders or orders on overdue accounts, yet support the process of customer service. Immediately access quality contact information to help improve customer and supplier service and response times, while saving time and money.

Improve Purchasing Efficiency.
The ability to process purchase orders, track and control payments, quickly and efficiently improves cash flow, reduces errors and adjustments, improves supplier relationships, and helps you keep stock levels to a minimum. Furthermore, by streamlining purchasing procedures, you not only save money but speed up the production and customer delivery process. Calculate due dates and settlement details automatically to assist cash management and take advantage of settlement bonuses and discounts. Process payments faster by automatically printing cheques or direct deposit using electronic banking. Warnings and 'in dispute' flags prevent unauthorized payments. Follow up suppliers using the fully itemized inventory and accessible full purchase history. CellCone Accounting supports multiple vendors for a given stock item, so if your preferred vendor cannot supply, you can easily order from an alternative supplier. CellCone Accounting stores contact details across the supply chain, so you can easily resolve business issues. Price tracking allows you to review prices on items from a range of suppliers to help you negotiate the best price. Accessible ordering information helps you track orders and suppliers, follow up purchases and prevent unnecessary payments. Comprehensive reporting allows for just-in-time inventory control and purchasing, avoiding the expense of excess stock.

Speed to Market.
Whatever the nature of your business, you must respond rapidly to customer enquiries and get products and services to the market quickly and efficiently. Automate the ordering process to reduce the risk of lost or duplicated orders and allocate incoming inventory as required. Simplify and speed up the process for taking orders and dispatching product to shorten the response time to market. Immediately review orders and advise customers of pricing information, stock levels and expected delivery. Readily access information, in easy-to-use screens, on customer details, what orders are due when, payment history and more. This saves time spent handling customer requests and improves customer service. Process repeat orders by entering the information once and then automatically generating them as required e.g. provision of monthly services. Take back orders, ship partial orders and reserve stock for immediate delivery when supplies are available - thus ensuring correct customer priority.

Price and Service Flexibility.
A competitive business needs to be flexible in its products, services and prices. The ability to vary product quantities, offer discounts, bundle services and quickly adapt to customer requirements enables you to offer superior customer service. For any service or product, full flexible pricing is available. This allows you to run discounts and preferential schemes for selected customers for nominated time periods. Inventory and stock control allows you to purchase in one quantity and on sell in another. Pricing history and accessible sales figures allow you to see what pricing has been used previously and allows you to match special services and discounts. Accessible stock and ordering information allows you to answer queries and advise customers of shipment dates and delivery deadlines. The ability to access stock at multiple locations also helps in providing customer service. All of these features allow you to provide better services to existing customers as well as attract new ones.

Tighter Stock Control.
Tight stock control can dramatically improve your customer service and significantly increase company profitability. Use itemized purchasing and inventory management to track and maintain stock levels. CellCone Accounting's powerful reporting features allow you to identify and report anomalies in stock levels. An integrated purchasing system allows you to track stock levels, automatically order when stocks fall to minimum levels and to ship products as soon as they arrive. You can run stock takes while taking orders and shipping product. The multi-user capability of CellCone Accounting allows you to place orders and generate payments at the same time as you receive goods.